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Some fun facts about Vegeta
1. Vegeta never been in the Kame House. Not even in GT.
2. Vegeta’s standing position is not meaningless. He doesn’t just stand keeping hands folded. (Ofc he does that too, but while battling.) It’s hedging position to ribs and it’s best place to start blocking fast. (Vegeta’s hedging position and normal folded arms is here to show what I mean.)
/защищает ребра + начало блока. любопытно!/

3. Actually Vegeta is King already, but he doesn’t claim to be King because he never got his coronation. Plus it is his way to show respect to his fallen father.
/это только догадки/
4. Yajirobe and Vegeta never met after Yajirobe cutted Vegeta’s tail off…
5. …And his tail never grew back. Someone says it’s because #18 tread to his tailbone. Others says because he was already adult.
/мангаке надоело хвост рисовать, он сам говорил))/
6. Vegeta is one of the strongests in universe. Still he fears worms more than anything and hates slimy things.
/только это из филлеров/
7. Vegeta’s legendary “It’s over 9000!” -scream was Ocean Dub’s mistake. Originally it’s over 8000.
8. Vegeta calls Goku Goku only 8 times in whole Dragonball series (Z and GT). Usually if someone doesn’t understand whom he speaks.
9. Vegeta is only 5 years older than Goku.
10. If we start think more deeply, Vegeta have possibility to transfrom SSJ3. Saiyans can reach new Super Saiyan transformation while power level is enough. So if he’s able to transform to SSJGSSJ, he should able to transform to SSJ3 too.
/Веджита все может!/
11. Really Vegeta have won their fight with Goku. It was when they fought first time on Earth. If someone hadn’t come to help, Vegeta would kill Goku. Still he doesn’t count it to wins.
/да на Веджиту целая толпа навалилась!/
12. Vegeta’s Buu Saga suit is same like what he used while training against Saibamen while he was 5 years old.
/только размером побольше, я надеюсь))/
13. Vegeta’s and his little brothers names together are vegetable. Vegetatarble or Vegetatarble. Or it’s possibly Tarble is translation mistake. His japanese name is Taburu, so we can translate it to ‘Table’ too when it makes more sense. Vegeta Table.

Веджита встречается с Сайтамой (Ванпанчман) - первая часть, вторая часть.

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@темы: дайте мне повод поговорить о DBZ, Принц всех саян!, Мета

2015-07-28 в 11:59 

очень интересные факты! к слову не знал, что мангака так обленился хвостяры рисовать : DDD


It's over 9000!!!